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I Bet You Didn't Know...Arkin created a practice where women could be treated in a non-obstetric environment with full gynecologic care, Premier Care for Women.

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Dr. Eva Arkin
Dr. Eva Arkin

Atlanta is chock full of interesting “movers and shakers” — some bent on creativity, empire-building, activism and/or just plain having fun and living the good life. Lean in to hear some of the “off-the-cuff” remarks about what makes our spotlight, Eva Arkin, tick.

After 12 years in OBGYN healthcare, Dr. Eva Arkin created a practice where women could be treated in a non-obstetric environment with full gynecologic care, Premier Care for Women. The child of Swedish immigrant parents, she was the first American in her family.

“Growing up in Manhattan, family life was simple but loving and warm, yet ‘European strict.’ Life came to a halt when my father died and left us alone, in debt, no life insurance and with a future unknown,” she recalled.

Dr. Eva Arkin

Arkin picked the college that offered her the biggest scholarship: Johns Hopkins, then transferred to Emory. She took out student loans and served as chief resident while moonlighting in the emergency room at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital. In her private practice, she was the second female in OBGYN at Northside Hospital.

Later, when she started her own practice, unable to afford staff, she performed every office role herself. The practice grew rapidly and now has 35+ employees. Arkin sold the business to Northside Hospital in 2015 and continues to work, being voted Top Doc by Atlanta Magazine several years in a row.

She met and married her husband while he was her student, so to speak, going through rotations at Grady Hospital. The couple has three grown children, none of whom went into medicine. Arkin enjoys being “Aya” to her two grandsons. Read on to discover why you should never offer Arkin a carbonated drink — especially not on a yacht.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate, like Trader Joe’s Sugar-Free. I’m satisfied with tiny portions and know the danger of overeating. But I don’t deny myself. And ice cream … think of chocolate and coffee together.

You are an adventure traveler?
Most patients who come to my exam rooms are entertained with photographs from my hiking and/or biking trips: Iceland, Amalfi, Maine, Tucson — where we did 30 miles a day.

Other interests?
I enjoy cooking (find it relaxing) and run on the treadmill with Bobby Flay on the “Food Network.” I push myself in workouts to find my limits. I, myself, do not like red meat, BUT my brisket is a family favorite, made with Savannah’s Johnny Harris BBQ sauce. I volunteer at Temple Emanuel and find that important.

You will not find me …
On a boat. Big issues with motion illness. Also, I don’t ever drink carbonated beverages. I get intractable hiccups!

I’m reading …
I have a rule: read a nonfiction bestseller, then a fiction bestseller, then a nonfiction. I love reading about Elite Endurance athletes. Most inspirational book: “The Impossible First” by Colin O’Brady.

You had a famous neighbor.
We were close to Ruth Westheimer (Dr. Ruth) in Washington Heights, alongside other immigrants. Her daughter and I went to the same small school, and our families often celebrated Jewish Holidays together. Back then, she was not yet a PhD; and I was shocked some years later to hear her sex therapy show on the radio. We still visit occasionally.

My best advice …
Never say, “Never” — as someone else has already done it; whatever “it” is; but you can do it better. Believe in yourself.

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