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Weber Student Enrichment

The new office combines two student service areas to foster healthy interactions between students and positive group dynamics.

Starting this fall, The Weber School will launch the Office of Student Support and Enrichment. This newly created office will encompass two student service areas: Student Learning Support and Social-Emotional Support, featuring programs geared toward fostering healthy interactions between students and positive group dynamics.

Jordan Crawford will lead the new initiative as director of Student Support and Enrichment. A certified school psychologist, Crawford brings extensive experience working with a diverse community of students at the high school and college levels. She will serve as a member of Weber’s senior leadership team, working closely with grade-level deans, the director of learning enrichment, academic content deans and classroom teachers to expand and enhance services that address the academic and social-emotional needs of our students.

In collaboration with the deans of ninth and 10th grades and the dean of 11th and 12th grades, Crawford will design a new student orientation for the fall as well as an expanded peer leadership program. Other initiatives under development include grade-specific programming as well as education for students, faculty and parents on topics such as mental health awareness and stress management.

Leveraging her extensive background in psychological assessment, Crawford will help design individualized learning plans for students with diagnosed learning differences and will consult with faculty regarding effective strategies to support student growth and achievement.

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