What Fuels My Fire 

What Fuels My Fire 

Jen Evans shares what fuels her fire.

Like fire in fireplaces, I must keep throwing another log on the fire that is my life to keep it going. I can’t just get it burning high and then expect it to stay that way forever. As my life becomes a series of work, paying the bills, chores, running errands, kid’s expenses, etc., it is easy for me to run the risk of burning out. So, I look to the little (and not so little) things in life to fuel my fire.

My children are the fire that fuels my flame. I am so proud of their accomplishments and delight in watching them as they are in the beginning phases of adulthood. Currently, I am focusing on my daughter’s early graduation from UGA this month and my son’s return to Georgia State in the spring. Spending quality time with them – having meals with them, watching movies together and talking with them – is very important to me. 

My friends and family also fuel my fire. I have a wonderful support system and with all that has gone on in my life in the past year, they have stood by my side and given me the love I needed.  

The one thing that I need to remember is to fuel my own fire and take time out for me. I can achieve this by doing things I enjoy, getting enough sleep, exercising, eating a balanced diet and being with loved ones. On my 10 days off this winter vacation I plan on doing all the above. I hope that anyone reading this also takes time out for themselves this holiday season.

Jen Evans is the community relations director of the AJT.

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