Letter to the Editor: Andrew Lewis
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Letter to the Editor: Andrew Lewis

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American-Made Venom Poisons Democracy

The November and January elections of Biden, Harris, Warnock and Ossoff, according to state election officials in Georgia and other contested states, have been proven, time and time again, to have been free and fair. Enthusiasm in these elections was at all-time highs. Our nation deserves a great deal of credit. We were under tremendous pressure to get it right.

Even though our elections process was proven accurate, the lies and false claims continued of a “rigged system,” a system that validates the elections of Republicans while invalidating the votes of inner city, urban, predominantly minority voters in Democrat strongholds.

The lies and false accusations manifested into conspiracies leading to the partially planned, partially unplanned insurrection at our nation’s Capitol.

While there is a need to hold those insurrectionists accountable to the fullest degree the law allows, we must not overlook those snake oil salesmen who peddled the venom.

The venom from these instigators still flows through the veins of America. Instead of calling out the lies and conspiracies, many elected leaders in Georgia and across the nation want to punish voters and our voting system with archaic laws that would prevent many from taking part in this American process.

If we are to rid our nation of such poison, we must go further than extracting the venom. We must bring justice to those who infected so many with anti-American and anti-democratic heresy. We must do more to empower each and every citizen of voting age to take part in this democratic process.

Andrew Lewis, Decatur.

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