Letter to the Editor: Jay Starkman
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Letter to the Editor: Jay Starkman

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Regarding: “New State Law Restricts the Public Education System” — July 31 Made a good law sound awful.

What Public Education Restriction?

The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” affirms a parent’s right to direct their children’s moral and religious training, to review all classroom education material, to home school or enroll them in a private or religious school, to review report cards and attendance records, obtain information on requirements for promotion to the next grade and high school graduation, and order that no photographs, video or voice recordings of their children be permitted except for safety and security.

There is no mention of book banning, a hysterical concern in your article.

This law stresses that children belong to their parents, not the state. It simply gives parents the right to know what is being taught. Indoctrination with a political agenda does not “encourage discussion about controversial subjects” and has no place in a classroom.

By law, California public schools must begin sex education in kindergarten. Critical race theory, 1619 Project, debasing the founding fathers. Never before was such lunacy part of school curriculum. Hence, this rational new law.

Jay Starkman, Atlanta 

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