Letter to the Editor: Paul Moskowitz
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Letter to the Editor: Paul Moskowitz

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Mazal Tov Atlanta Jewish Times.

As a person originally from Indiana I have always felt so lucky to be a part of the Atlanta Jewish community. Not many understand that there are several cities that may only have one synagogue and even then, it may only be open for the holidays “if” a rabbi is available.

Here there are dozens, and even community centers, to network and meet other Jewish families.

I enjoy my AJT newspaper, and I look forward to each issue. Over the recent years the transition of the content, timely news and graphics appeal makes our community newspaper, and adds one more reason that I am thankful to be a part of the Atlanta Jewish community.

It was surprise to me when I read the news that the AJT was named by the American Jewish Press Association as Best Jewish Newspaper in America, and took second place for Best Website.

Thank you for your hard work and contribution to our community.

Paul Moskowitz, Atlanta

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