Sandy Springs Cuisine from Turkey to Caribbean

Sandy Springs Cuisine from Turkey to Caribbean

Sandy Springs is now one of the most sought after cities for restaurants.

Skye Estroff

Skye Estroff is the marketing and media manager for Atlanta’s largest food festival, Taste of Atlanta ( She is an Atlanta native, a University of Georgia grad and an expert in Atlanta’s best food.

Chef Rob's Caribbean Kitchen Cafe jerk chicken plate.
Chef Rob's Caribbean Kitchen Cafe jerk chicken plate.

Atlanta is one of the largest sprawling cities in the country. We’re lucky to have a city center with a diverse mix of ITP (inside the Perimeter) neighborhoods, all equipped with flourishing food scenes. The good news is, the culinary reach is expanding beyond the Perimeter.

One of the most sought after cities for restaurants is now Sandy Springs. Over the past few years more and more restaurateurs have brought their talents and creativity to Sandy Springs.

Now the food scene is speckled with landmark restaurants that have been in the area for decades, intermixed with the new spots that are here to stay. From kebabs to carrot cake, there’s something for everyone in Sandy Springs.

Grilled meats, vegetables and spicy peppers are all on the menu at Mandolin Kitchen. While this restaurant opened less than a year ago, Mandolin Kitchen has already grown a loyal following.

This Turkish restaurant offers familiar Mediterranean flavors like za’atar spiced kebabs and sauces like tzatziki, hummus and babaganoush.

The food is authentic and is boldly showcased in an atmosphere of bright natural light and clean, white everything. Some of the most popular dishes are: grilled chicken kebabs served with baldo rice, hummus, babaganoush (made with fire-roasted eggplant mixed with tahini, lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil) and Doner kebab (homemade rotisserie grilled beef served with baldo rice).

Another new spot to the Sandy Springs community is Crafthall Kitchen. This space is a 4-in-1 restaurant with distinctly different menus for each stall. Crafthall Kitchen offers a variety of approachable, delicious and convenient food options. The umbrella name “Crafthall Kitchen” is comprised of four different concepts: brunch all day (Salt & Pfeffer), fried chicken (Fowl & Scratch), grain bowls (Bowl Cookhouse) and sandwiches (Urban Sammie).

Henri’s Bakery & Café is an iconic Sandy Springs destination. Indulgent baked goods like brownies, black and white cookies, croissants, cakes and doughnuts are offered alongside savory café items.

Some favorites include: Po Boys, roast beef sandwiches, fresh baked bagels and even homemade soups and handcrafted salads. Henri’s may be on its 9th decade of business, but we don’t see it stopping any time soon.

Need a Caribbean escape but don’t have time for a vacation? Drive over to Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe and take a break from the high-intensity city life. Chef Rob’s keeps reggae music streaming and rum drinks on deck to provide some beachy contrast to your day.

The food is authentic and covers all the Caribbean-cuisine basics: from jerk chicken to ackee and saltfish. This restaurant has been serving the Sandy Springs community since 2006 and has developed quite a following for this flavorful, fresh and funky menu.

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