Abel Slates Mcbath for Outside Endorsement

Abel Slates Mcbath for Outside Endorsement

Kevin Abel calls on Lucy McBath to denounce dark money spending in GA-6 primary campaign.

Kevin Abel
Kevin Abel

Kevin Abel released the following statement regarding Lucy McBath’s acceptance of End Citizens United’s endorsement:

I am calling on Lucy McBath to denounce outside dark money spending in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District runoff. Ms. McBath recently accepted the endorsement of End Citizens United, an organization whose self-professed goal is “to end big money in politics and fix our rigged political system.” Ms. McBath’s primary campaign was funded almost entirely by more than $800,000 in spending by a single outside group. This is exactly what End Citizens United stands against.

My campaign is funded by more than 1,300 individual contributors, 90% of whom live in the Metro Atlanta area. I have not taken any money from PACs or super PACs. I’m incredibly proud of my grassroots campaign.

On the issue of gun safety legislation, Ms. McBath and I are in 100% agreement on what needs to be done, including limiting magazine capacities, taking guns from domestic abusers, and instituting universal background checks for all gun sales. In Congress, I will be an outspoken advocate for working towards ending the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Americans are sick and tired of politicians who say one thing and do another. If Lucy McBath is serious about curbing the influence of outside money in politics, I ask her to publicly denounce and refuse to accept outside dark money spending in this primary and let the voters of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District choose their nominee.

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