Helping Jewish Atlanta’s Older Adults Live Their Best Lives

Helping Jewish Atlanta’s Older Adults Live Their Best Lives

AgeWell Atlanta: Helping Jewish Atlanta’s older adults live their best lives.

“I’m totally overwhelmed – I had no idea.” “This is so hard, no one talks about this until you’re in the middle of it.” “I’m just so sad – I hate seeing her like this.” “I’ve got my kids, now I’ve got my parents.” “She can’t drive anymore.” “I had to take his keys.”

One of the most common calls the aging services experts at AgeWell Atlanta receive is from an adult tasked with the tremendous responsibility of caring for his or her aging parent. Doctors’ appointments. Transportation. Groceries. Socialization. Isolation. The new role in which adult children find themselves is beyond challenging. And, the emotional toll often gets put to the side.

AgeWell Atlanta was created with a mission to enable older adults in the Jewish community to “Age Well” through improved independence, quality of life, and social connection. Through its centralized concierge platform, AgeWell Atlanta makes the process easier, less stressful, and most importantly, a happier, healthier, better life for those we love.

With one call, individuals will be connected to a centralized concierge who will work to determine the best track for each family’s individual needs: care, housing, transportation, medical services, social programs, and customized plans to support older adults and caregivers to provide maximum wellness – wherever they reside.

“Atlanta is home to one of the fastest growing senior communities in the country. Most older adults prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, which increases the need for a coordinated system of care,” says Jennifer Curry, AgeWell Atlanta’s Information and Referral Manager/Concierge.

AgeWell Atlanta is a collaborative partnership of four Atlanta Jewish agencies, each providing expert advice, guidance, and a unique depth of experience and offerings: geriatric care management and caregiver support groups at Aviv Older Adult Services of Jewish Family & Career Services; recreational and enriching programs for active, mature adults at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta; and residential communities and at-home care services at Jewish HomeLife. All of the partner agencies are designed to relieve some of the burden as well as offer caregivers a welcomed break. Funding is provided by Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta along with other generous gifts from the community.

“The options for older adults can be overwhelming and confusing for caregivers,” states Curry. “This collaborative partnership provides a breadth of offerings to serve older adults all along the care continuum.”

It is important to remember, these are not simply “older adults,” or “seniors.” They’re mothers and fathers. Grandparents and dear friends. AgeWell Atlanta is here to help everyone navigate this new life cycle.

For more information, please contact AgeWell Atlanta at 1-866-AGEWELL (1-866-243-9355) which provides callers with free, detailed recommendations and a warm handoff to resources provided by the agency partners and other trusted organizations, based on the unique needs of each caller. For additional information and to learn more about upcoming social programs, visit

AgeWell Atlanta partner agencies include:

Aviv Older Adult Services of Jewish Family & Career Services helps aging individuals and their families navigate life transitions and changing circumstances. Whether you’re an older adult, spouse, or caregiver, our experienced and compassionate team will support you on your journey with resources and guidance.

Jewish HomeLife’s network of residential communities and at-home care services support every stage of the aging journey,
from long term care, independent and assisted living to rehab, clinic, home care and hospice.

Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta offers opportunities for active, mature adults to live rich and full lives through a vast array of recreational and social activities, personal enrichment classes, health and fitness programs, Jewish learning classes, and more.

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta creates a thriving, caring and connected Jewish Atlanta where every Jew and their loved ones can access warm Jewish community, timeless Jewish wisdom, global Jewish peoplehood and Jewish ways to do good in the world.

1-866-AGEWELL (1-866-243-9355)

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