Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts
Father's DayGift Guide

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Check out these timeless ways to say, “You’re the Greatest Dad Ever!”

Father and daughter having breakfast in bed. Father drinking coffee and reading newspapper
Father and daughter having breakfast in bed. Father drinking coffee and reading newspapper

With the arrival of Father’s Day, even if you waited until the last minute, we have you covered. In lightning speed, these creative gift ideas will let your father, grandfather, or uncle, or even the father-like figure in your life, know how much they mean to you.

It’s never too late to sweeten your Father’s Day greetings. Father’s Day is dad’s day for a little more TLC and let’s make sure he feels extra special. If the day has sped by, these ideas are also good to go year-round to show your dad how much you care. Dads appreciate the “thought” which always counts, and here are some easy ways to step up yours. Take a moment and give dad something truly meaningful he’ll remember forever.

Make sure to let dad know what you’ve learned from him. What has he taught you? What little or big things has he done that you are thankful for? Gift dad something that touches his heart and makes him smile which will be a priceless gift, one that he can reflect on and remember often. After all, father knows best.

Consider the following ideas and let him know:

A small girl writes a letter to dear daddy by black paint on brown paper. Closeup, selective focus

Write a “Dear Dad” letter: No matter your age, write a good old-fashioned “you’re the greatest dad” letter that he can save. Gift dad your heartfelt feelings and tell him to read it often. Share with dad the lessons you’ve learned from him, ways he has inspired you and not just what he has done for you, but how he has made your life more meaningful and special. I promise the gift of words and gratitude will be forever treasured and long-remembered as one of the best gifts you ever gave Dad.

Remember The Little Things: Give Dad back a few of your favorite “Dad and Me” memories that are etched into your mind forever. Whether your dad or grandfather taught you to catch a ball, play a game or learn to drive, whatever those moments are, bring them to life and share the story. Two precious words are, “I remember.” Turn the table on dad and share your “good old times” back with him as those moments are magical and feel good.

Interview Your Dad: Get your smart phone ready to interview dad and video tape him on Father’s Day. It’s a gift you give dad and will also give yourself. Head to a computer store or to Wolf Camera and transform the video into a gift. One photo can tell a story. It’s also easy to use apps that instantly make slide shows and are free. Ask dad questions like his favorite childhood memory of his mother or father. Life as a kid? What stories does he hope you remember about him most? What were his favorite songs when he was a teenager? You get the gist. Also ask him what does he love about you most and your siblings? Store it, save it, share it as it will be a timeless gift.

Daddy with son using photo camera

Capture The Moments: Do a photo shoot with dad and take pictures of him with the entire family and each family member. Those photographs of “Me and Dad (or Grandpa, etc.)” will be lifelong keepsakes for everyone. All too often we take photographs but forget to make them personal. Add your photographer’s special touch for a photo or family photo to cherish. And don’t forget those going wild photographs where everyone poses and acts silly. Include the tried and true, but those, too are memorable for sure and fun for younger kids.

Cute little girl sitting with dad on the city street and eating ice-cream outdoor. Happy kid spending time together with father, enjoy and taste ice cream. Good relationship between dad and daughter

Freezer Pleasers for Dad: Understanding Dad’s favorite foods, especially something home cooked that can be frozen, fill the freezer with some delectable goodies. You can also last-minute pop into an ice cream store or the grocery and grab a few of his favorites. For starters, consider Dad’s favorite things, hobbies, food preferences and beyond. Fill the freezer with pleasures that your dad will enjoy.

Coupons For Dad: The kids can make coupons for dad and get very creative. You’ve probably done this once upon a time, but it’s still a great last-minute present that can include a day off, help cleaning up after dinner, siblings not fighting, saying please and thank you and the list goes on. Dad will enjoy cashing in his coupons for everything from good behavior to a little R&R in the weeks to come and no expirations dates included.

Young Asian man using tape measure for measuring granite countertops on modern kitchen counter in showroom. Shopping furniture for home improvement. Interior design concept

Is Dad a Fix-It or Handy Dad? At the last minute, we all know you can go online to dad’s favorite stores and places to shop. Within minutes select one that sends an e-gift card right away. Is your dad sentimental, car-loving, workshop obsessed? What does he love to do? Is your Pop tops at fixing things, or handy? Add a roll of duct tape to thank dad for sticking with you. Or a cool high tech measuring tape and thank Dad for going to great lengths for you.

The father and son washing the car together

Wash Dad’s Car: Even if you do it yourself at dad’s house or your home, wash dad’s car. Kids will love to pitch in, and a little soap and water will go a long way. Get the entire family in on the act and watch dad’s face when you arrive with a bucket, some sponges and soap. He’ll appreciate the auto-TLC and automatically appreciate your car-washing efforts. You can bring your car cleaning crew to Dad’s driveway or invite him over every few weeks for a package of car washes from his biggest fans.

White wall with photos of the family in various photo frames. Space for text

Table of Family Fame: Pull out a variety of photographs and decorate your table or Dad’s desk with photographs of you and dad or Grandpa. Add a personal touch to your Father’s Day dinner and bring out photographs of the generations of Dad’s and special family members. Ask Dad to share his favorite memories about each family member.

Father and daughter having breakfast in bed. Father drinking coffee and reading newspapper

Breakfast For Your Champion: Set up a fun Father’s Day greeting that dad can wake up to from his cereal to coffee, and all the trimmings. Or make him his favorite challah toast or a daddy-o omelet. It’s also fun to make homemade pancakes in the shape of hearts. Start his day with a great big smile and brighten his day from breakfast onward.

chocolate candies as background, top view

Goodies For Dads: If dad is a chocolate lover and has a sweet tooth, your dad’s eyes will light up when you fill a mug or bucket with his favorite type of chocolates. Does he like milk, dark, bittersweet or white chocolate? Get to know Dad’s favorite preferences, and give him the delectable, a no frills, but pure chocolaty gift or sweets he loves most. If dad is cutting back on sweets, add fruit in season for the fruits of his labor.

Man in a suit who opens his white shirt and tie to become a super hero, super dad. Father’s day concept

For The Superhero Dad: Ask everyone in the family (even last minute) to fill out slips on small pieces of paper and share how Dad is your hero. Finish the sentence with all the things he does that make your day. Finish the sentence – Dad is a super-hero because…. Ideas could include how he saves the day, takes you to school, makes you laugh, tells you jokes, reads bedtime stories, grills the best hamburgers and hot dogs or other ways he has come to your rescue. Fill the jar with these super-hero slips of paper and tell Dad to read one a day.

Gluten free food. Various pasta, bread and snacks on wooden background from top view

For The Food Sensitive Dad: If food restrictions are important for Dad, go that extra mile and share some yummy choices. For example, if Dad eats dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan or gluten free options, look for foods that he’ll enjoy that fit the list. These choices are readily available at most stores and gift him a new selection of foods he can eat that perhaps he has not discovered. From snacks to healthy choices, there are endless options that will be good for dad.

A Saucy Gift: Pour on the sauce! Kick up the seasonings and make it tasty. This is a last minute, quick and easy grab it at the grocery store gift that dads who cook and love to grill will enjoy. Find gourmet barbecue sauces and a variety of other flavors from mango to honey mustards to spicy flavors. Dad will enjoy hot sauces, peach flavors and other specific tasty gifts especially if he’s into trying new flavors. You can also add salad dressings, seasonings, or hot sauces if Dad likes to spice it up.

Teenager with father doing homework at home

For Tech-Friendly Dads or Not So Techy: If dad loves his computer and all the latest gadgets, but when his computer is acting up, not so much. Gift him your tech services, especially if you’re up to speed on those easy tech challenges and a computer pro. Even a reboot reminder can work sometimes. Your time helping dad will be irreplaceable. An hour with you to help Dad reset passwords, clear the trash from his phone, update his contact list or even teach him to organize his photographs, I promise this gift will be valuable saving him time, money and truly valued. If you aren’t a pro, then consider gifting a few hours with a seasoned professional on call.

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