Letter to the Editor: Mark Cole
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Letter to the Editor: Mark Cole

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Letter to the editor,

The 9/15 issue featured several articles and Op-Ed letters addressing the issue of vaccinations. Nearly all advocate for vaccinations in order to return to a more “normal” life. Some even going so far as to require the un-vaccinated to take the jab by force, for the good of all.

What about people like me who have recovered from COVID-19 infection? In an Israeli study it was found that those who suffered from the disease have even greater immunity than those vaccinated! Yet we are ignored and forgotten. Should we who already have more robust immunity be forced to take a vaccine that will provide us no greater immunity simply to allow others to feel good that we’ve taken the jab? Where is the compassion and empathy for those who have physically suffered and have immunity as a result? Why is our recovery and antibody status ignored?

Mark Cole, Sandy Springs

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