Posner Hosts 8th Great BBQ

Posner Hosts 8th Great BBQ

Ana and Ryan Posner hosted an annual Texas-style barbeque in their Grant Park home with plenty of seating, food, entertainment, and red checkered tablecloths.

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At 6 p.m., (gray skirt) Ana and (brown apron) Ryan rang the bell shouting, “Come and get it!”
At 6 p.m., (gray skirt) Ana and (brown apron) Ryan rang the bell shouting, “Come and get it!”

On June 22, two blocks from Oakland Cemetery, Ana and Ryan Posner’s eighth annual barbeque sizzled with 230 pounds of meat, and a blend of extended family and “found” family from Ahavath Achim Synagogue, along with local neighbors.

Posner, a multi-generation Atlanta “Mendel,” and related to the ubiquitous Goldsteins, invested months in planning his traditional welcome summer party. In a diagram of complicated Jewish relationships on hand, cousins joshed with Ryan while tracing roots.

Sara Papier chats with Ryan’s mother, Bonnie. Son Micah Papier is also a Posner BBQ veteran.

Emilie Posner Haas said, “I think our grandfathers were brothers.” Ryan thought third cousins, but who’s counting?

Cousin Howard Mendel spent 48 hours preparing banana pudding.

Here’s how the logistics unfolded: The couple developed an Excel event planning workbook used in the sixth annual BBQ (2022) which tracks percentage calculations based on RSVPs to determine the food and supplies needed. Each year, they hold a post-mortem to adjust the percentages vs. actual consumption.
Ryan proclaimed, “This year, our spreadsheet was quite accurate with the 230 pounds of meat we purchased, although we couldn’t accommodate 30 pounds of beef ribs for the volunteers due to timing constraints.”

Janet and Hilton Kupshik and Jeanie Tepper volunteered to serve the buffet.

One significant change this year was the Posners’ willingness to accept more help by outlining detailed tasks, instructions, and timing in the workbook to allow for more volunteer involvement. A volunteer sign-up was embedded in the invitation resulting in a large turnout of 30 volunteers who were crucial to this year’s success, allowing the Posners more time for hosting.

Mother, Bonnie Posner, managed the dessert table, with Ana’s parents, Violet and Michael Allain, who drove down from Virginia.

In terms of prep work, Ana and Ryan organized the garage two weeks prior to the “Q.” Most preparations happen the Wednesday before.

Ryan explained, “During the event, I handled the main cooking from Friday to early Saturday morning. A neighbor helped with the chicken wings and mushrooms, while AA congregant Michael Joseph, my sous chef, assisted with initial prep and serving. Ana coordinated the volunteers and accommodations, cooling drinks, seating, setting up, and decorating.”

Ana and Ryan have focused over the years on perfecting the “art” of smoking and grilling.

Eric Kauffman (guitarist) performed by Posner’s red UGA Bulldog tent (Ryan once played trumpet in the UGA Redcoat marching band), performing “Born to Run,” and “I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire,” a tongue-in-cheek coordination with the day’s theme.

AA congregant Barry Prusin said of his first Posner “Q” attendance, “I think Ryan pulling this off is totally amazing. He hasn’t missed any details, coordinating all the volunteers, this is a total success.”

In addition to Ryan’s entrees served outdoors, the Victorian style bungalow’s dining room table was overflowing with pasta salads, kale salads, six variations of cole slaw, deviled eggs, watermelon, grilled corn, mac and cheese, and chickpea/feta arrangements. The dessert room had seven varieties of traditional Southern fruit cobblers (one labeled blackberry and pepper) and pies, and the requisite brownies.

Professional photographer Howard Mendel (Posner’s cousin) posed with Marcia Spielberger.

Also on hand was traditional Brunswick stew alongside one labeled “kosher vegetarian Brunswick stew. Fourth year attendee Sara Papier noted that she brought a homemade pound cake and bourbon.

Posner’s mother, Bonnie, wrapped up the evening by telling the AJT, “Ever since Ryan was 9 years old, he was always working the crowd and being outgoing. He has never changed, and we love him for it.”

Careerwise, Ana just transitioned from her 23-year role as a technology product owner at Travelport to product manager at Coupa. Ryan was promoted to director of the Project Management Office at Conisus, a medical communications agency, the Monday before the BBQ.

Many areas had copious food stations. Shown here is the appetizer/salad table.

This year, Ryan became a vice president at Ahavath Achim with a focus on technology and is working toward his own adult bar mitzvah in March 2026, coinciding with his 50th birthday.

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