What Israel Means to Me: David Fisher

What Israel Means to Me: David Fisher

Here’s what the former Birthright Israel Foundation president has to say as we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday.

Israel often serves as a beautiful and complicated backdrop for personal exploration of my spiritual and Jewish journey. Beyond its individual appeal and pull, at its best Israel represents a shared ideal for many Jews who want to be part of and connected to something far greater than they are as individuals.

Like America or one’s own family, Israel is imperfect. However, it is our imperfect, and we share in its imperfection and in the responsibility of its aspiration to be the best representation of its (our) values always!

David Fisher

Like family, Israel has responsibilities and obligations to us as well: to lead us, to protect us wherever we are, and to provide safe harbor should we need it. My children know they can always come home, even if just for a visit.

Thankfully, we all have a home to come back to, one that will nourish us, inspire us and fulfill us.

Even if just for a visit.

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