2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Craig Richman
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2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Craig Richman

Abigail and Daniel Richman share why their Dad is the best, coolest or funniest in town.

Craig Richman
Craig Richman

Craig Richman – Dunwoody

OUR DAD IS THE BEST! He’s an amazing dad, husband, son, brother, doctor and friend.

First, our dad is a great doctor because he’s amazing at what he does and also has a good bedside manner. He’s kind to all of his patients and all of the other doctors he interacts with. Our dad has tremendous skill and always treats his patients like they were his own family.

We can talk to our Dad about anything because he doesn’t judge us and we know we won’t be “in trouble” no matter what we tell him. He is so funny that sometimes we cry from laughing so hard at his jokes.

Finally, even though our dad works during the day, when he gets home, he never disappoints to go on a walk, play baseball, go bike riding, play tennis or play basketball with us. He loves his work as a doctor, but he also loves his time with us when he arrives home after a long day.

Our dad treats other people with kindness, which then leads others to want to do the same. This starts a chain reaction to make the world a better place!

We love our dad so much! “

Abigail and Daniel Richman

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