2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Gary Glasser
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2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Gary Glasser

Abe Glasser shares why his Dad is the best, coolest or funniest in town.

Gary Glasser, 2021 Fathers Day Tribute

Gary Glasser – North Druid Hills

My dad is the least awkward person I know. It is not often that somebody is called “not-awkward,” but there is no other way to describe him. He works as a male gynecologist, a career path you can only be successful in by possessing the perfect blend of nerdiness and self-confidence. He is a huge rule follower, being the only person I have ever met to get a traffic ticket for going too slow and a root canal from brushing his teeth too much. He does not care what anyone thinks, demonstrated by showing up to my kindergarten class in only a hula skirt and coconut bra, teaching my elementary school class about the benefits of using sunscreen (dressed as his alter ego Dr. Sunwise), and embarrassing me in front of my middle school by giving the puberty talk. He is unequivocally both the best and funniest dad in town, but I would never try to convince anybody that he is the coolest.

Abe Glasser

RAFFLE WINNER: $50.00 Cafe Intermezzo

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