2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Tim Dewey
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2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Tim Dewey

Jake and Abby Dewey share why their Dad is the best, coolest or funniest in town.

Tim Dewey
Tim Dewey

Tim Dewey – Suwanee

Jake and Tim Dewey

When you hear the term, “Dad,” many people think of a guardian of a child, but to me, it means more than that. It is a person who is willing to do what needs to be done and care for you. Dad is more than one word. It is not just three letters; it is more than that to me. There are not enough words to describe him. If someone asked me what my dad was like, I would tell them this: ”he can’t be described.” Some people would say loving or kind, but to me, he’s more than that. He can’t be described in one word or one sentence. Instead, he can in one action, because words serve no purpose to describe him. Having the name Dad just shows how important you are and without this person, I would be nowhere in life because he pushes me to do better and always be my best. This is why Tim Dewey is not just a dad, he is thousands of different things!

Jake Dewey

My dad is the best dad ever for many reasons like giving me great advice, teaching me new life lessons, making me laugh until my stomach hurts, and most of all, just being there whenever I need him the most. My dad grew up playing lacrosse, so as soon as it was my turn to play, he would give me any advice he could, and at any chance that he gets, he is helping me get better. He is also the king at making me laugh to feel better. I have never seen anyone make me laugh so hard like he can, it is honestly so unique and special. He can always cheer me up from a bad day with just one look or sometimes one word. My dad and I have been through so much together, and to have him be at my side through all of it, from sports to doctors’ appointments, and from the first days of school to the last days, just means the world to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Abby Dewey

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