A Chanukah Message from Kaylene Ladinsky

A Chanukah Message from Kaylene Ladinsky

Atlanta Jewish Times' staff shares their community insights, advice and perspectives this year during Chanukah.

In addition to being the AJT’s managing publisher and interim editor, Kaylene Ladinsky is the president of Americans United With Israel.

This year has been unique in so many ways. Especially for Georgians, as we get the added political campaigning with the current runoff. This election has been an emotional experience for so many. Jewish communities around the country are known for our significant political participation, whether it is volunteering on campaigns or voter’s assistance, our community members are there to help. We also have a high percentage of those that vote and make campaign donations. This year’s political landscape was more than just unique. It has been extremely important, and it continues to be important, which has impacted all of us in some way.

In addition, we have COVID-19, a pandemic of all things! What an experience for all of us. We watch families and friends going through loss and hardships, businesses closing and hospitals struggling. I think we are all thankful for the vaccine. I know that I am. I am very hopeful that all our medical and law enforcement personnel get the vaccine first, right along with our elderly.

We have all experienced huge life-changing circumstances this year. The elections and COVID-19 don’t even include all of life’s challenges that are thrown at each of us daily. Yet here we are absorbing it emotionally, physically and intellectually, and we are thriving better than a lot of other communities. We are coming together to help each other. We have community resources available to assist anyone that is feeling buried under the burdens we are all facing.

Did you know that our community raised $3.89 million in a COVID emergency response fund within just a few months? Jewish Atlanta is amazing. I realize that not everyone is eligible to receive those funds, but they are helping our community. Our Jewish Family & Career Services offers programs and resources to transform lives, assist in times of need and counsel you when needed. There are professionals sharing their light and compassion in the fields of aging and older adults, career counseling, dentistry, mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to shed light on resources that are available to you and our community at large. If you are reading this right now, then you are a part of or in some way connected to a wonderful community. It is my pleasure as editor and managing publisher of this newspaper to be a beacon of light for Jewish Atlanta, sharing our community’s news, calendar and general information to keep you connected to your community, and most importantly, shining our community light with the entire world publicly with every issue we put to press.

For anyone that is feeling lonely, overburdened, scared or ill, please reach out and let someone share their flame with you and help you through your tough times. I have included some links below that has services, assistance and support for most anything. Our community is on fire with people that care and want to be a part of supporting each other.

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Family & Career Services
Community Calendar and Directory
Community Newspaper

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