A Chanukah Message from The Temple Clergy Team

A Chanukah Message from The Temple Clergy Team

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

The Temple Clergy Team
The Temple Clergy Team

On Chanukah we say Sh’asah Nisim, a prayer of thanksgiving. In it, we appreciate the wonders which were present in the lives of our ancestors and subtly remind ourselves that we, too, are surrounded by light and miracles.

Face to Face/Soul to Soul! What a miracle it is that we have the ability to gather together once again to celebrate our festivals; there is no substitute for the pleasure of being in one another’s company.

Memory! Around the dinner table and basking in the lights of the Chanukiah are where we make so many tender memories. This year we are overjoyed to once again embrace and renew our traditions.

Health! It has been on all our minds. To see the ones we love healthy and well, who could ask for more?

Joy! Simcha is at the heart of our festivals. Let us rejoice and appreciate all that we have.

Light! As the nights grow longer, we appreciate both the sparks of light that each person brings into the world and the light our ancestors kindled long ago.

Freedom! We are so thankful to live in a country where the symbol of our holiday is not viewed with distrust and hatred, but with love and understanding.

Faith! In darkest times we have always trusted in God to be our rock. As we proudly display our Chanukah lights, we declare our faith once more.

Community! Judaism never happens alone. We could not do this without the Jewish people, Am Yisrael, we would not be here without YOU.

Tov L’hodot! It is good to give thanks!

Rabbis Peter Berg, Loren Lapidus, Lydia Medwin, Steven Rau, Samuel Kaye and Cantor Deborah Hartman, The Temple Clergy Team is proud to serve Atlanta’s first synagogue and oldest congregation.

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