A Passover Message from Beth Gluck

A Passover Message from Beth Gluck

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The Jews’ exile from Egypt was an exodus from their homes, from their ways, and from their dreams. Change, even of the seemingly best kind, was difficult. It took four decades and interventions from God for a new generation to embrace lives as free men and women.

This Pesach seder, I will think about our exodus from a COVID-driven year back to what we consider as normal living. What will we keep with us that grew out of the new norms of restricted activity? What will we let go of from the past that we now understand to have been detrimental to the life we want to live? Of these choices, what are we able to control, and what will be dictated by the social and economic environment around us?

Pesach is a time of remembering, and as a Jewish New Year, it is also a time of renewal. This year, I will contemplate the past year and give thought to applying learnings from COVID-related living to the way I will live my life in the years ahead.

Beth Gluck is executive director of the Jewish National Fund, Greater Atlanta.

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