A Passover Message from Michal Bonell

A Passover Message from Michal Bonell

Atlanta Jewish Times staff wishes our community Happy Passover.

Michal Bonell
Michal Bonell

When I moved to Georgia from Massachusetts with my young family in 2006, I did not know anyone. I moved from a community where I couldn’t go out to dinner or into a grocery store without bumping into at least three people I knew to a place where I did not know a soul.

One of the most important aspects of moving to the metro Atlanta area was the fact that there was a thriving Jewish community. My belief, like many, was and is, if there is a Jewish community around me, I will be OK.

My first job was as a pre-school teacher at Temple Kehillat Chaim. From there, I worked as an assistant for Rabbi Fred Greene at Temple Beth Tikvah. I taught Hebrew at various synagogues throughout the years until I landed in the arms of the Atlanta Jewish Times in 2012.

My community in Atlanta has flourished through the years and I am thankful for my Jewish Community for holding my hand along the way. Although I do not belong to a synagogue, my daily interaction with my colleagues, clients, and friends envelops me and gives me a sense of a community I belong to and deeply cherish.

Michal Bonell is the Senior Account Manager & Team Supervisor for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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