A Passover Message Lori Gluck

A Passover Message Lori Gluck

As the youngest of the children in my family, my thoughts of “freedom” and Passover turn to the Four Questions we ask during the seder. Why is this night different from all other nights? Well, in today’s world, why is this year different from all other years? In a word: vaccination! Yes, this year we have the freedom to receive a shot to help protect us from illness.

All other years we eat vegetables, but during the seder we eat only bitter herbs. This past year was mostly filled with bitter herbs! So much pain and suffering. The hope for this year is to be freed from all the strife and return to a world of health and peace.

All other years we do not dip our food even once and this past year we dipped into such salty and harsh conditions! This year we have the freedom to pray for the sadness and isolation to be lifted.

All other years we eat sitting or reclining. This year we will pray for those who need help with food insecurity to join the world “seder” and be able to eat only reclining. To have the freedom to not be burdened with the worry of hunger.
These four questions are one of the major cornerstones of the seder, the retelling of the story of the Exodus to Freedom for the Jews. My hope this year for all people is to feel in their world, wherever that may be.
Chag Sameach!

Lori Gluck is an AJT account manager.

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