The Epstein School’s Alumni Top Class of 2014’s Grads

The Epstein School’s Alumni Top Class of 2014’s Grads



The Epstein School is proud to announce that five members of the eighth grade Class of 2010 are the top graduates at their respective high schools. Congratulations to Mallory Harris, Valedictorian, STAR student and UGA Fellow, Dunwoody High School; David Zarge, Valedictorian, North Springs High School; Daniel Abravanel, Valedictorian, Weber High School; Steven Burgess, Salutatorian, North Springs High School; and Daniela Friedman, Salutatorian, Weber High School.

These achievements are truly extraordinary and a reflection that Epstein students are superbly prepared for life and academics in the high schools of their choice. Epstein’s innovative teaching techniques, paired with its language immersion curriculum, provide students with a rich academic foundation, individualized attention, and leadership skills.

Through 21st Century Learning, students develop skills that will help them succeed not only in higher education, but also in the job market of tomorrow. “Having information is not nearly as important as knowing how to use and that’s something our students excel at doing,” explains Head of School Stan Beiner. “When our eighth graders graduate, they leave with skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, independent learning, social thinking, innovation, collaboration, leadership and bilingual communication, which will carry them for a lifetime.”

The Epstein School has also been identified as an Education Innovator and a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. Over the past five years, more than half the seventh graders tested qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) for academically gifted and talented youth. This year, 17 seventh graders scored high enough on the ACT test to receive State Level recognition and/or be eligible to participate in their Center for Summer Studies or Academy for Summer Studies, and 2 qualified for Grand Level recognition.

Epstein alumni Class of 2010 from Left to Right: Mallory Harris (Valedictorian, STAR student and UGA Fellow, Dunwoody High School) David Zarge (Valedictorian, North Springs High School) Daniel Abravanel (Valedictorian, Weber High School) Steven Burgess (Salutatorian, North Springs High School) and Daniela Friedman (Salutatorian, Weber High School).




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