Father’s Day Tribute: Robert R. Felson (OBM), Jerry Katz, Andrew Katz, Steven Katz and Joel Turry
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Father’s Day Tribute: Robert R. Felson (OBM), Jerry Katz, Andrew Katz, Steven Katz and Joel Turry

Several AJT readers shared thanks and gratitude to their dads in honor of Father's Day.

Robert R. Felson of Blessed Memory, Jerry Katz, Andrew Katz, Steven Katz and Joel Turry

I was only 22 years old when my father, Robert R. Felson, passed away suddenly of a heart attack. I never had the pleasure to see him grow old or for him to see me grow old. I did see the ultimate joy he had when I gave him his first grandchild, which was a boy! I saw him love in a way that only grandparents can visualize. I now see this grandson, Andrew Katz as a wonderful father to our great granddaughters, Alana and Mariah, which brings me a happiness in such a special way. The four fathers in my life have a deep imbedded love from me.

My husband, Jerry Katz became a father while we were at the University of Georgia. He has shown love for this son, Steven Katz like I dreamed a father could be. And our son has in turn become a father and grandfather that followed in his dad’s footsteps and has brought it full circle for us. Seeing the love his granddaughters have for him is beyond description. It doesn’t just stop there. We have been fortunate enough to have a son in law, Joel Turry that has two sons, Reed and Brent. It was our lucky day when he married our daughter, Roben and we have watched him not only be a fantastic father to his sons, but he is the Adviser for AEPi at UGA! He has the admiration of so many young AEPi men for many years.

There are many things we hope and pray for as adults and being able to see these FOUR fathers has filled my heart that was broken when I lost my own father, which is a void difficult to overcome. We share the happy times and the sad times together. My life is enhanced by their love not only to me, but to their children and grandchildren. On Father’s Day, I remember with great fondness my “daddy” who was an important force in my life and I am thankful to have the love these FOUR fathers bestow upon me. They are ALL truly special !

I am indeed a very fortunate woman!!!

Martha Jo Katz

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