Georgia Republicans to Vote For

Georgia Republicans to Vote For

Economy, safety, education and Israel are key Issues in November election, says a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition National Leadership.

Laurie Weinstein is a longtime member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Laurie Weinstein is a longtime member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The Republican Party gives steadfast support for the Jewish people and Israel. They continually condemn BDS and voted for the measure to fight anti-Semitism, despite 162 Democrats (including Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff) opposing it. That is why we are supporting these Republican candidates who have proven track records.

Our Republican legislators/candidates have been instrumental in economic growth, improving healthcare, fighting COVID, supporting community safety and personal freedom, U.S.-Israel relationship and international security. Currently they are “jumpstarting” the economy, with Georgia’s unemployment at 5.6 percent.

Georgia finds itself in the crosshairs as a fiscally responsible, pro-growth low tax state. Outside Democratic donors are supporting candidates who would end educational choice, increase taxes and bureaucratic controls, “defund” our police, reinstate the Iran deal, and continue support for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), isolating Israel economically.

Jewish women care deeply about these issues. To ensure safety and a strong economy for families in Georgia, the following candidates are the clear choice:

Sen. David Perdue
Perdue, as a strong defender of Israel, co-sponsored multiple bills to end BDS and a Senate resolution condemning all forms of anti-Semitism. He also supported the Taylor Force Act to halt funding for the Palestinian Authority. Working with President Donald Trump, they created 7.5 million new jobs, and unemployment was at record lows before COVID. Perdue worked to pass the bipartisan CARES Act, coronavirus aid for small businesses, healthcare workers and families across the state; SCHOOL act to safely reopen or learn virtually; and PROTECT Act, which guaranteed high quality affordable coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. He opposes “defunding” the police and has fought for police and criminal justice reform. As a former Fortune 500 CEO, he understands competition in the healthcare marketplace brings down costs.

Karen Handel – 6th Congressional District
Handel understands the critical alliance between the U.S. and Israel. She served as Fulton County commission chair, Secretary of State and congresswoman. She helped deliver the most significant tax cuts and regulatory reforms in decades. Handel co-sponsored legislation protecting pre-existing conditions. She increased funding for children’s healthcare, mental health, opioid prevention and treatment, and community health centers. She opposes an end to private health insurance, forcing everyone into government-run healthcare. Public safety is vital to her, so she opposes “defunding” the police. She opposes giving the federal government control over local zoning decisions. Handel will put Georgia 6th voters’ concerns first, keep our neighborhoods safe and protect our property.

Deborah Silcox – House District 52
Silcox serves on the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust (educating students and visitors about discrimination and racism). She worked with Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick and Executive Director Sally Levine, passing a bill, creating a Holocaust Memorial in Georgia. A permanent exhibit, “Georgians in the Holocaust”, is on the first floor of the state Capitol. Silcox focuses many of her efforts on women’s issues. She is vice chair of the House Health & Human Services Committee. She sat on study committees, examining maternal mortality in Georgia and passed a bill extending Medicaid coverage for low-income postpartum mothers. She was the lead co-sponsor of the hate crimes bill and broadened the definition of sex trafficking, leading to increased sentencing for those convicted.

Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick – State Senate 32nd District
As members of the Commission on the Holocaust, Kirkpatrick and Silcox moved administrative functions to another agency, saving the commission thousands of dollars per year; passed a bill authorizing a state Holocaust memorial; and authored a resolution honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Kirkpatrick is working with local rabbis to fight anti-Semitism and voted for the hate crimes bill. Some of the Senate bills she passed included: Save our Sandwich bill (saving a MUST Ministries summer feeding program); a bill for emergency prescription refills; and another clarifying the definition of “aggressor” for domestic violence calls. The House bills that Kirkpatrick sponsored extended Medicaid benefits for new moms, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact bill, and Lacee’s Law, covering mammograms for women with high-risk breast cancer at a young age.

Lyndsey Rudder – State House District 54
Rudder has dedicated her career to a safer community. She has over 10 years of legal experience as a prosecutor fighting to keep our communities safe. She is currently a deputy district attorney. She previously served as a prosecutor in Chatham County and as an assistant attorney general. Raising two small children, Rudder is not only concerned with safety but also education, supporting parents’ choice to decide what’s best for their child. Rudder wants to support initiatives that protect and promote economic vitality in Georgia and safety for all residents. “I want to be your voice in the Georgia Legislature, and with my background in law, I want to fight crime to make Atlanta a safer place to live.”

Laurie Weinstein is part of the Republican Jewish Coalition National Leadership.

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