Jewish Interest Free Loan: Financial Protection
Rosh Hashanah

Jewish Interest Free Loan: Financial Protection

Organization continues to grow by providing financial assistance to those in need.

Event co-chair Lisa Marks (left), Adina Jagoda and Sam Marks attend the Toco Hills dinner.
Event co-chair Lisa Marks (left), Adina Jagoda and Sam Marks attend the Toco Hills dinner.

The year 5777 was a great one for Jewish Interest Free Loan of Atlanta, thanks to all our friends and supporters, and 5778 is going to be even greater with your continued support.

This past year, we doubled our loan volume from previous years. That means 24 Jewish Atlanta families could pay their mortgages, get out from under a huge interest rate burden by consolidating their debts, pay medical bills and more. Families also were able to stabilize their financial position before hitting a financial crisis.

Remember: JIFLA is not just for folks in financial distress; we also want to help people who have hit a financial challenge (the effects of temporary unemployment, an unexpected bill, a family milestone or simcha) and need help to stay financially secure.

How did we grow so much? Well, after seven years, word of our service is finally taking hold in the Atlanta Jewish community. Much of this is because of the hard work of Executive Director Nancy Weissmann and the head of our marketing and community engagement committee, Jay Kessler. They and the rest of our board are constantly out connecting with other institutions and community leaders to get the word out.

These efforts will be enhanced when Nancy and I, along with 60-plus leaders of Atlanta synagogues and community organizations, join a Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta leadership trip to Israel in January.

What can you do to help JIFLA in our important mission?

Spread the word about our work. Encourage Jews you know who hit a financial bump in the road to talk to us for help. Donate time or money. Help us get a free ad in your synagogue newsletter. Call Nancy and offer to guarantee a loan.

Please put JIFLA on your list for your holiday giving. Remember, your giving is recycled over and over as recipients pay back their loans. And every dollar you give helps one of our brothers or sisters retain dignity through financial stability.

Have a great holiday season!

Laura Kahn is the president of JIFLA (

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