Jewish Women’s Fund Shares Longevity Tips
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Jewish Women’s Fund Shares Longevity Tips

JWFA hosted a gerontologist to explain tips for graceful aging.

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About 100 women gathered for the Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta event on Aug. 29 at Congregation B'nai Torah.
About 100 women gathered for the Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta event on Aug. 29 at Congregation B'nai Torah.

Drink organic wine, smell fresh oranges and sleep on silk pillowcases. Those were some of the tips for longevity renowned gerontologist Alexis Abramson offered the 100 women gathered at Congregation B’nai Torah Aug. 29 at an event sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta.

JWFA Executive Director Rachel Wasserman explained the fund’s mission and accomplishments. “According to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, in the last 15 years, only 1.2 percent of publicly announced philanthropic gifts were directed to women and girls’ causes. This is why we are so critical. We are the only organization in Atlanta solely focused on social change for Jewish women and girls.”

During its first six years, JWFA has invested $715,300 in 39 partner organizations affecting more than 500,000 women and girls. The members giving circle is more than 120 women, although last month’s event, among others, was open to the public.

Abramson, who was the keynote speaker, has appeared in Time, Forbes, People and The Wall Street Journal along with CBS, CNN and NBC. She’s known as an expert in gerontology and “boomer consumerism,” and is a leading voice of the over 50 generation.

Her presentation, “Four Keys to Longevity,” began with a graphic of a turtle saying: “I hear 150 is the new 90,” and Abramson asking the audience, “Who really wants to live to 100?” She elaborated on several topics, some of them original; some we’ve heard before. At one point, she recognized her mother in the audience who went skydiving in her 70s.

Here are some of her touch points:

  • We have a lot of control over our health and longevity. Only 30 percent is genetic.
  • Seniors in Chianti, Italy, and Ikaria, Greece, live longer because of their fresh diet, sleep habits (not setting an alarm clock), and socialization. Organic wine helps too.
  • Focus on goals and attitude, not deficits and loss.
  • Change up routines. Smell fresh oranges to relieve stress.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles. This one is major!
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