Jews Making News 9/12/14

Jews Making News 9/12/14

New Book Asserts Jack the Ripper was Jewish Barber –  Artist Rendering of “Jack the Ripper”

New evidence discovered by researchers at John Moores University suggests that Jack the Ripper was a Jewish Barber who immigrated to London from Poland. The discovery is announced in a book written by Businessman Russell Edwards that was released September 9th.

Edwards and his team of researchers led by molecular biologist Dr. Jari Louhelainen, made the discovery through DNA traces found on a shawl recovered from one of the crime scenes. The book identifies the infamous serial killer as Aaron Kosminski, who would have been 23 at the time of the murders. Kosminski came to England in 1881 with his family and reportedly lived near the murder scenes. He died at an insane asylum in 1919.

“Jack the Ripper” as he was nicknamed, is accused of killing five women over a three month period in 1888. Edwards bought the shawl at an auction in 2007 that allegedly came from the fourth victim’s murder scene. It still contained bloodstains and Louhelainen was able to find blood that matched the victim and other bodily fluids linked to Kosminski.

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Kiss to Perform in Israel

Simmons (R) and Stanley (L)

Kiss is coming to Israel, according to Gene Simmons’ Facebook page. The longtime rocker recently posted about plans for the second leg of the KISS/Def Leppard world tour with stops that include Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and Israel.

Gene Simmons is the son of an Auschwitz death camp survivor and was known previously as Chaim Witz. He lived in Israel until he was nine years old.  Paul Stanley was born Stanley Bert Eisen in 1952 to Jewish parents. Kiss has never appeared in Israel but Simmons has dismissed other entertainers who have chosen to boycott the country as “idiots.”


Compiled by David Cohen

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