Jews Making News: Sandler, ‘Princesses’

Jews Making News: Sandler, ‘Princesses’

Sandler: A Sequel, a Suit and . . . Your Co-Star?

Adam Sandler in the news -- again!
Adam Sandler in the news — again!

Adam Sander is celebrating the release of his first-ever sequel, “Grown Ups 2,” but it’s another “blast from the past” that’s truly coming back to haunt him: A carpenter who had worked on the set of 2012’s “That’s My Boy” is suing Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures for gross negligence amounting to $1 million in damages.

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The worker in question, Richard Houpert, partially severed several fingers and fractured his hand during construction. He claims his hand was injured when it was “drawn into” a table saw that was lacking in basic safety mechanisms, such as saw stops, and with a different suit is also targeting manufacturer Black & Decker for selling a defective product.

Meanwhile, Sandler’s already got another in the hopper, this a romantic comedy entitled “Blended.” Here, he’s reunited with Drew Barrymore to tell the story of a man and woman, both with young children, who fall for one another while stuck in a resort…but more importantly, filming will take place in the Lake Lanier and Buford areas of Georgia from July 15 to August 16, and extras are still needed (see below)!

Sandler was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to Stanley and Judy Sandler; both his father and mother are descendants of Jewish Russian immigrants. Now, the star is married to actress Jacqueline Samantha Titone, who converted to Judaism three years before their marriage, and together they have two daughters, Sadie and Sunny.

Community members can submit photos and information to if you’re interested in standing in or serving as a (clothed) massage-couple extra.

Offensive “Princesses”

Bravo’s latest reality show, “Princesses: Long Island” is taking off with Sunday night audiences – episodes have attracted up to 1 million viewers – but not everyone’s a fan. And the critics aren’t limited to your traditional devotees or media bloggers: Now, New York congressman Representative Steven Israel condemning the show.

In Israel’s piece published by the Huffington Post, he asserted that the show promotes anti-Semitism by relying on negative stereotypes for the sake of entertainment. He decried the portrayal of Jewish women as “money-hungry, superficial, Jewish-American Princesses” and described his distress at the depiction of a Shabbat dinner gone awry.

As a response to the criticism, Bravo released the following statement:

“‘Princesses: Long Island’ is a show about six women who are young, educated, single and Jewish, living in Long Island, and is not meant to represent all Jewish women or other residents of Long Island.”

Israel – who has been serving as a U.S. Representative since 2001 for New York’s 3rd district, much of where “Princesses” is filmed – suggested that a disclaimer such as this be aired with the broadcast. In the meantime, he’s boycotted the show and is urging other to do so.

Much of the Jewish community seems to share Israel’s resentment, if blog reactions are anything to go by. What do you think: Is all fair in the world of reality TV, or is “Princesses” too toxic to ignore?


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