Letter: Blame the NRA
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Letter: Blame the NRA

We must draw the right lessons from Israel to prevent more mass shootings.

The Feb. 23 issue had insightful commentary about gun violence, including the rabbinic response and David Geffen’s comments from Israel. But I totally disagree with your editorial (“Our View: After Parkland”) as far as not blaming the NRA.

Despite what Mike Huckabee and the NRA have said about the lack of school shootings in Israel, guards at Israeli schools are not heavily armed, but the mentally ill do not have assault weapons.

Significant to Americans and all Jews is that Israel has civilized gun laws, whereas our Second Amendment has been fraudulently interpreted by the NRA and Justice Antonin Scalia to establish a fundamental personal right to own a gun.

Cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel, Costa Rica

Israel does not allow gun ownership before age 27 unless the person is in the military or reserves. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right, and is limited to one gun after extensive physical and mental examinations and personal interviews. Why we as Jews cannot agree this is what we expect in the United States is beyond me.

Also, the NRA and the GOP have loosened all requirements preventing the mentally ill from obtaining a gun in Georgia and nationally for individuals getting Supplemental Security Incomes so that they can easily buy any assault weapon. Where is the Jewish response to that?

It is only a matter of time before Parkland will happen here in a mass shooting. It is up to us to act. Does your synagogue have a clear and posted policy on gun usage?

— Leon Van Gelderen, Atlanta

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