Letter to the Editor: Jeff Kunkus
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Letter to the Editor: Jeff Kunkus

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Due to the largesse of out-of-state donors and dark money aimed to thwart local control of elections, I have been treated to see a lot of money used to put Lucy McBath ads on all the primetime networks. Not bad for a first-time Congresswoman with little leadership background and few legislative accomplishments in her first term.

The problem I have is what has McBath done in her two years in the spotlight. She certainly did not work for an anti-Semitic resolution in the House condemning her mentors [Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib] despite her supposed love of Israel and Jews, who sponsored a free trip to Israel with AIPAC almost immediately. McBath has not come out against Biden’s support for re-entering the Iran nuclear deal, which threatens Israel and world peace. Every civilized country calls Iran the biggest supporter of state-sponsored terrorism and to get [the deal] written, Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice [former deputy national security adviser and national security adviser] lied to the country. We paid these miscreants $150 billion cash to continue their anti-Israeli and anti-Sunni activities.

McBath has not called out Black Lives Matter for their tacit support of anti-Semitic speakers and positions. She has not chided her fellow Congressional Black Caucus members for their support for Louis Farrakhan.

Her biggest issue is gun control and, in her ads, she visits the grave of her son Jordan, who was tragically shot three years ago. Has she visited the graves of the hundreds of Black children who have been shot on the streets of mostly Democrat controlled cities? The homicide rate in Chicago, Baltimore and New York are rivaling those of third world countries. Where are the gun laws she promised? On the contrary, she nor her fellow Democrats have condemned the violence in Portland, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Seattle, etc., lest they antagonize their progressive Antifa supporters. Yes Joe Biden, there is an Antifa. Statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt did not topple by themselves. City buildings do not burn by themselves. Gun sales have exponentially increased in the suburbs and most gun ranges now have you book appointments. Literally there are no legal guns for sale in stores, so I guess McBath’s failure to condemn riots has cleaned the shelves of weapons.

Karen Handel was a Fulton County commissioner in a minority position and able to accomplish tax decreases and lower the cost of county government while working across the aisle. As secretary of state she was able to cut costs by making staff more responsible and manageable. She ushered through a voter photo ID law that was blessed by the Supreme Court. The result has been a surge in minority voting never seen before in Georgia that has continued to expand and grow. She has the makings of following in the large footprints of her predecessors [Newt Gingrich, Johnny Isakson and Tom Price].

Jeff Kunkus, Atlanta

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