Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Clark
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Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Clark

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Jewish Attorneys Take Racially Charged Case

The smiling faces of these two Jewish attorneys and, along with their snappy biographies, make a nice advertisement for their sordid defense of Gregory and Travis McMichael, the McMichaels, who perpetrated another modern-day lynching of a young Black man, Ahmaud Arbery. The lawyers state that the justification for this killing is a history of Mr. Arbery unlawfully entering into other people’s homes, implying that it was OK for Mr. Arbery to die for this sin. This is no better than the policeman putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck or the shooting of Breonna Taylor via a no-knock warrant. Nobody deserves to die at the hands of two vigilantes with no authority to arrest, let alone tragically kill this young man. I am disappointed that your reporter portrayed these two lawyers in such a positive light. And, by the way, did your investigative reporter ask which right-winged group is paying their handsome fee?

Jeffrey Clark, Atlanta

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