Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey
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Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey

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We can do more than just claim one in our midst.

All over the country news outlets are showing solidarity with Ukraine by running stories and photos about local Ukrainians.

Other than using human interest stories to promote readership and maybe raising some donations, these stories do little to prevent invasion from happening again in other countries.

Why is that? The people of this country have little to no understanding of what totalitarian government is all about, and little desire to know. We don’t even raise a finger when huge signs of similar developments happen in our own country.

In addition, we have little understanding of despotism’s opposing system, democracy. Every one of us would fail a simple test about what is required to make a new government a true democracy.

So, by running these stories about local Ukrainians who are sad about what is going on in their country, we are just covering over our own ignorance with a syrupy balm of Christian kindness. We love everybody, even when they are having a bad time. But we don’t know how to prevent bad times from happening here or anywhere.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, KS


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