Letter to the Editor: Mark Hersh
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Letter to the Editor: Mark Hersh

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I am writing this letter to express my desire to pursue the option of a kidney transplant for my wife, who has been accepted to the Piedmont Hospital living donor program. She has kidney disease and according to her nephrologists, a transplant is the treatment for patients with end- stage kidney disease. We have been told that a living donor transplant is the best scenario. She now goes to dialysis three times a week for four to five hours a day. Dialysis treatments take every bit of strength from her body; she is tired ALL THE TIME, feels weak and her nerves are on edge ALL THE TIME.

Our goal is for her to be able to see all our grandchildren graduate college. Our four boys are the most wonderful thing in her life and every minute she spends with them fills her with joy. After many years of marriage, I still love my wife and want to spend many more wonderful occasions with her.

We recently learned that one does not have to be an exact blood type or match, as long as they are healthy enough to be a donor.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. If donating a kidney to her is something you would like to consider, contact her transplant center directly at Piedmont Hospital, Julie Pfeiffer, 404-605-2950.

Thank you,

Mark Hersh, Alpharetta

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