Letter to the editor: Rachele Fruit
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Letter to the editor: Rachele Fruit

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As Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia, I extend my solidarity to the East Cobb Jewish community in the face of anti-Semitic graffiti painted on fences in a residential neighborhood there last month. I appreciate the initiative of Temple Kol Emeth to organize a multi-faith gathering to say “no” to this expression of Jew-hatred. No anti-Jewish incident can go unanswered, regardless of whether it comes from the anti-Israel “left” or from ultra-rightists.

There is an increase in acts of anti-Jewish hatred as capitalism’s crises deepen, although surveys in recent decades show a marked decline in anti-Jewish attitudes among working people. Unlike any other form of racism or discrimination, anti-Jewish hatred is a unique form of scapegoating that aims to take working people’s eyes off the capitalist system as the source of worsening housing, medical care, education, low wages, joblessness, and the erosion of safety on the job (all exacerbated by COVID-19) and blame the Jews instead. Anti-Semitism is a mortal threat to the working class.

We stand ready to join with synagogues, churches, mosques, unions, civil rights groups and community organizations to speak out against Jew-hatred whenever it rears its head.


Rachele Fruit, Atlanta

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