Letter to the Editor: Rich Lapin
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Letter to the Editor: Rich Lapin

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Given Dave Schechter’s report of Rev. [Raphael] Warnock’s statements supporting Israel’s right to exist, continuing military support, opposing BDS, and denouncing apartheid charges against Israel, I’m confused as to why Israel is even a campaign issue. To me, the Israel “issue” is a distraction.

Judge a candidate’s character and integrity by their actions, not their words. Rev. Warnock has been about service to others for his adult life.

By contrast, when Ms. [Kelly] Loeffler was privately briefed of the severity of the COVID-19 virus in January, she adjusted her stock portfolio. She downplayed COVID-19’s potential impact on Georgians. After the November election, without any supporting evidence, she and fellow Senator David Perdue, sought the resignations of Secretary of State [Brad] Raffensperger and Voter Implementation Chief [Gabriel] Sterling over unproven voter fraud. That reflects poor judgment on her part. Her campaign ads don’t communicate a vision – just hysteria and misinformation. Warnock ads advocate what he is for, not just what he opposes.

Electing her will ensure a U.S. Senate controlled by [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell. He is already blocking over 250 pieces of bipartisan House-passed legislation from Senate consideration. America needs better; Georgia deserves better. Rev. Warnock is the better choice for Georgians than his opponent.

Rich Lapin, Dunwoody

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