Letter to the Editor: Shai Robkin
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Letter to the Editor: Shai Robkin

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Shai Robkin is the chair of the Atlanta Regional Council of the New Israel Fund (www.nif.org).

To Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue:

Millions of Americans have risked and continue to risk their lives in defense of democracy. Is it too much to ask that you risk your precious Senate seat in defense of the same?

Senators: You are both smart people. You know that Joe Biden fairly and squarely won the state of Georgia and the presidency of the United States. It is inconceivable that you actually believe America’s November elections, and Georgia’s in particular, were rigged against Donald Trump (and perhaps rigged in favor of down ballot Republicans?)

Everyone understands that you fear the wrath of President Trump. And yes, it’s possible that his loyal followers will abandon you should you stand up for the integrity of our elections and your fellow Georgia Republicans, most importantly the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. But are you not willing to take that risk to protect the core institution of American democracy?

It is that democracy that has allowed people to come to our shores from all around the world, participate fully as citizens and share in the American dream. Jews, who have been discriminated against and suffered persecution throughout history, are particularly appreciative of the freedoms and opportunities that this great nation has afforded them. Jews also understand that any attack on democracy is also an attack on them and their well-being.

The beauty of American democracy is that we can legitimately disagree about almost everything – everything except democracy itself. Jews can legitimately agree or disagree with the policies you promote. But the delegitimization of democracy is a line that no American, and, in particular, no Jewish Americans should cross. And a vote for you on Jan. 5 crosses that sacred line.

Shai Robkin, Atlanta

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