Letters: Support for Silcox; MDA and ALS
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Letters: Support for Silcox; MDA and ALS

One writer says Rep. Deborah Silcox has earned voters' support; another shares the help her sister got with ALS.

Dena Schusterman (left) welcomes Dina Hurwitz to Intown Jewish Academy on April 24. (Photo by Marcia Caller Jaffe)
Dena Schusterman (left) welcomes Dina Hurwitz to Intown Jewish Academy on April 24. (Photo by Marcia Caller Jaffe)

Stick With Silcox

I reserved judgment when Deborah Silcox assumed elected office for the first time, but she has proved herself to be bright, responsive and careful about the wording of bills (“Silcox Stands by Legislative Record,” April 27).

She has offered tireless support for updated adoption legislation, for stronger consequences for buying children for sex and for the anti-BDS legislation. She has earned the respect of her colleagues, and I see no reason to replace an honest, intelligent, hardworking legislator.

Linda Lippitt, Atlanta


Thank you so much for the article on the wife of the rabbi with ALS (“Rabbi’s ALS Leads Rebbetzin to Laugh, Cry, Inspire,” May 4). All the awareness that is possible for this horrible disease is a benefit.

I lost my dear sister to it 10 years ago, and the main thing that helped us through her final year was the support of her friends. One came from across the country monthly to help. So did some cousins who could.

We had meals donated on a schedule that a friend organized for us. At lunchtime, people brought enough food for us for lunch and dinner. Usually they stayed to visit, but if they weren’t able to, they still brought the food and just checked in with us to see how we were and whether we needed anything.

It was such a mitzvah.

Also, the Muscular Dystrophy Association brought us the equipment she needed from its lending closet. We didn’t have to buy much; we just called them and had whatever assistive device or chair we needed right away.

Not many people know that about MDA, Jerry Lewis’ organization. Even when we traveled for a second medical opinion, we called the MDA group in that city and had a wheelchair and other equipment delivered to the home where we were staying.

I cannot thank you enough for this story.

— Barbara Cohen Ross, Atlanta

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