Mother’s Day Tribute: Roni Robbins
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Mother’s Day Tribute: Roni Robbins

Seth and Lena Robbins share why their mother, Roni Robbins, deserves to win.

Roni Robbins with her two children, Seth and
Roni Robbins with her two children, Seth and Lena

Roni Robbins

Six thousand miles away, nine months in another country, I never imagined that we would be closer than ever. Mom, you put up with so much. Remember that car ride when you told me that someone said I needed to brush my hair because it was a mess? When we got out of the car, in our driveway, I looked you straight in your beautiful hazel eyes, with a fist in my hand, I yelled, “It’s my bonsibility!” All you did was nod yes. Now, I’m constantly urging you to buy me the millions of products I think I require for my hair. Fast forward a few years to when you cried as I drove away in a car for the first time. You’ve watched me grow into the individual I am today. Thank you for always watching over me and putting my best interest at heart. Even though I love working with children, I won’t understand the amount of courage and strength it takes to be a mother. That is, until I have my own sweet child to care for. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day <3. XOXO.

Lena Robbins

Name another mother that wakes you up to nine different texts about your daily routine at 8 a.m. Name another mother that makes a “Welcome Home” sign from college that highlights all your achievements and leaves her favorite AJT articles on your side of the table. Name another mother that signs her son up for sports all through his childhood for him to become a theater major in college. Name another mother who gets excited when you send her your college essays to edit. Name another mother that corrects you’re grammar over text (if my mom sees this, I promise she’ll be mad I used the wrong “your”). Name another mother that counts down Mother’s Day each year to only pretend to be asleep while the rest of family serves her food in bed. Name another mother who made a more handsome son than me. Name another mother that’s as loving and beautiful as mine. You simply can’t. I’ve looked all over Atlanta. You won’t find anyone like Roni Robbins. I love you Mom. You’re my best friend!

-Seth Robbins

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