Mother’s Day Tributes: Janice Convoy-Hellmann
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Mother’s Day Tributes: Janice Convoy-Hellmann

Rem Hellmann shares why his mother, Janice Convoy-Hellmann, deserves to win.

Janice Convoy Hellmann
Janice Convoy Hellmann

I was walking off the soccer field at Tufts University for practice when Mac Miller died. At first I thought my friend was messing with me, but when I looked at him I knew he was serious. Mac Miller meant a lot to me. His music inspires me constantly and his words have helped me through some of the hardest times of my life, reminding me of the beauty of the world around me. My favorite song of Mac’s is “I’ll be There,” the song he wrote for his mom. The one song on repeat in my head while I cried in the locker room after practice. I couldn’t stop thinking of his mom and her listening to this song.

Teenagers frequently get angry at their parents, me included. Often times I would say things to my mom that I didn’t mean. But now being in college, away from her… I miss her. Mac’s song reminds me of how important my mom is to me.

“If you have your moms, you better treat her right

Call her up, say ‘wassup’ before you sleep tonight

Tell her you love her and thank her for what she did

You may be grown now but remember being a kid when she fed you in your bed, ****

You were her baby, so find out what she doing lately, uh

I wanna tell you momma

Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there

For the good times or bad, I’ll be there

Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there

For the good times or bad, I’ll be there.”

My mom is the most incredible woman in my life, and I just want her to have a day to relax. 

-Rem Hellmann

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