Senator Perdue is a Friend

Senator Perdue is a Friend

Co-chairs of the Republican Jewish Coalition share support for senator in response to controversial ad against his political opponent.

Chuck and Bonnie Berk are co-chairs of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Chuck and Bonnie Berk are co-chairs of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

You are probably aware of the controversial ad that was run in support of Senator David Perdue’s campaign. Senator Perdue has made it clear that the inadvertent error in the ad was made by an outside vendor and as soon as it was brought to his attention, he pulled the ad and terminated the relationship with the vendor.

It’s disheartening to see people trying to level false antisemitic allegations against him. There are few things more dreadful than being unfairly accused of racism.  As upset as Jon Ossoff may have been, Senator Perdue was also victimized by the company he hired and trusted.

David Perdue has been our senator for almost six years and has demonstrated a consistent, distinguished record of supporting the Jewish community and Israel. His first foreign trip as senator was to Israel to establish a relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He co-sponsored multiple bills to end anti-Israel BDS boycotts, supported the Taylor Force Act to halt funding for the Palestinian Authority until they end stipends for known terrorists, and co-sponsored a Senate resolution condemning all forms of antisemitism.

One has to wonder why the ADL and the AJC ignored his record and attacked him as if he were some known anti-Semite. Did they not know their own senator? Are they not aware of his unblemished record supporting Jewish issues?

It was disappointing that fuel was added to the fire by the American Jewish Committee falsely claiming that Senator Schumer was included in the ad because he’s Jewish and that “buying Georgia evokes antisemitic imagery.” That’s a ludicrous charge in this case. The AJC’s statement ignored the fact that progressive Democrats like Jon Ossoff, Lucy McBath and Stacey Abrams receive over 90 percent of their donations from out-of-state supporters. Should donors from San Francisco or New York influence a senate election here? Definitely not. Senator Schumer was shown in the ad because he is the highest- ranking Democrat as minority leader of the Senate and the most influential Democrat directing outside-of-Georgia money, millions of dollars, to influence our races. … It was not some made up antisemitic trope as media like the NYT and supporters of Jon Ossoff contend. What benefit would there be for Senator Perdue to purposely alienate the Jewish community?

We couldn’t express our feelings for him any better than this statement, which was released by Senator Norm Coleman, board chair of the Republican Jewish Coalition:

“Time and again, Senator David Perdue has proven himself to be a true friend to the Jewish community and has stood firmly against anti-Semitic bigotry. Since coming to the Senate, he has consistently condemned hatred toward our community and has worked with national security leaders to protect synagogues and Jewish community centers from anti-Semitic threats and violence. Senator Perdue has made it clear that he strongly supports the right of all people to live free of anti-Semitism and hate in all forms. I am proud to support Senator Perdue, a true ally of the Jewish community. Senator Perdue has stood with the Jewish community in both combatting anti-Semitism and his unwavering commitment to the security of the Jewish state of Israel.”

We have known David Perdue since he ran for the Senate and occasionally get together with David and Bonnie Perdue for dinner. Over the years, we have hosted him at numerous meetings with hundreds of Jewish Georgia citizens. He is a friend and a mensch. We know the real man, what’s in his gut and we’d like the Atlanta Jewish community to know that any attempts to smear him with charges of antisemitism are simply false.

Chuck and Bonnie Berk are co-chairs of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

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