Shavuot Retreat at Ramah Darom
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Shavuot Retreat at Ramah Darom

The five-day weekend launches the partnership between Pardes and the North Georgia retreat center.

A Shavuot retreat will kick off a partnership between the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies to provide dynamic learning platforms, exciting educators and exceptional experiential programming in an inspiring environment in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Shavuot program offers five days and four nights from Friday to Tuesday, May 18 to 22. Participants will study Torah in pairs, learn from Pardes faculty members, engage in fun activities for all ages, and eat top-quality kosher food. The retreat is open to Ramah Darom and Pardes alumni and friends and to newcomers to their programs.

The faculty scheduled for the retreat are Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Rabbi Meir Schweiger, Rabbi Sarah Mulhern and Rabbi William Friedman.

Rabba Yaffa Epstein

“We’re thrilled to build an exciting Shavuot program together where we can utilize the strengths of both of our organizations to create rich and deep Jewish learning experiences,” said Rabba Epstein, Pardes’ director of education for North America.

Ramah Darom and Pardes are working to enhance their programming and instill a lifelong love of Jewish living and learning to a broader audience. Ramah Darom is establishing partnerships to bring leading organizations to the 122-acre Clayton campus.

“As we grow our portfolio of experiential learning opportunities throughout the year, we wanted to include a program which focuses on exploring the richness of our sacred texts in a relatable and accessible way for an audience of diverse Jewish practice and background,” said Eliana Leader, the director of the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center and a member of the AJT’s 2017 40 Under 40.

Eliana Leader

“With Pardes’ expertise in exciting, dynamic, inclusive, text-based learning and Ramah Darom’s extraordinary experiential programming and quality lodging and hospitality, we will be offering an unparalleled opportunity to bring Torah to life,” she said.

All-inclusive rates for the retreat range from $250 to $750 for adults and $100 to $150 for ages 3 to 17. Children 2 and younger are free. Get more details and register at

“We are very excited to be working with Eliana Leader and her team at Ramah Darom to build a new partnership that will bring excellent Torah, innovative programming and diverse Jewish community building to the broader public,” Rabba Epstein said. “As Pardes expands its work in North America, it has been exciting to work with Ramah Darom, a partner whose mission is to create programs where Judaism can grow and thrive and where Jews of all backgrounds can come together for positive and inspiring experiences.”

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