Sheri Okun on Forgiveness
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Sheri Okun on Forgiveness

Sheri Okun is an account manager at the AJT.

Forgiveness is elemental in being happy. Without forgiveness, what we have is resentment or bitterness or guilt, or all of these. Forgiveness is a verb, not just a word. But how do we forgive? I have found it most effective to speak it aloud. It doesn’t matter if we say it to the person, or just out to the universe. I forgive _____ for ______, and I release you.

No one owes you; only you owe yourself. Self-love starts with forgiving the self and others for their trespasses. In fact, changing the way we frame that, … maybe they weren’t trespasses at all. Maybe all the things that occur are to help you grow. So forgive yourself and others because we are all on a healing path in this life to become greater versions of ourselves and to be filled with the divine love of G-d. Forgiving opens spaces in the heart, the mind, the physical body and the soul for gratitude, for love, for happiness. All things that reflect G-d’s love for us. Clean out your temple and let your light shine.

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