Taking an Exciting Bold Move Into the Future

Taking an Exciting Bold Move Into the Future

AJT owner-publisher discusses the paper's future.

Michael A. Morris is the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

As a leader in America’s Jewish media industry, the Atlanta Jewish Times is taking a bold step into the future. We have been fortunate enough over the last 18 months to have increased our engagement, readership and even our income by more than 18%.

This is no small feat in media’s current evolving online presence. We are excited about the many possibilities for continued success in our online and social engagement with Jewish Atlanta, and about being the catalyst in sharing Jewish Atlanta with the world around us.

Make no mistake that our print newspaper is still our greatest asset. We have been diligent in finding out what our loyal readers want and how we can continue to produce a more relevant and engaging newspaper. During these 18 months we have been listening to your feedback and have made changes that you have received with open arms, such as a more vibrant layout and diverse content to engage a wider variety of readers’ interests. We have more work to do to keep your newspaper fluid and evolving with the community and loyal readers who support us.

One of our industry’s greatest challenges is keeping up with the rising costs to produce the product that our community deserves. While most newspapers’ income is decreasing each year by 10 to 20%, AJT’s is growing. Even though this is an enormous accomplishment, our production costs have continued to increase over 28% in the last 18 months.

So, in order to continue our growth and increase our product’s quality, the AJT is making a bold move. As of February 2020, we are changing our production schedule from weekly to semi-monthly. By making this adjustment we plan to increase our online presence, while providing you comprehensive reporting and more extensive community feature stories. Our monthly content will not decrease in quantity; it will increase in quality and be distributed twice per month versus our current four times per month. In addition, we plan to publish special editions including our readers’ favorites such as Simcha Celebrations, Voter’s Guide, Best of Jewish Atlanta and the Guide to Jewish Atlanta.

By making this adjustment, we promise to up our game and utilize the additional production time to deliver a more comprehensive and engaging product with more pages and a longer shelf life on your bedstands, coffee tables and office shelves. This will also decrease recycling needs and increase our support for a green community.

We know that this may be a small disappointment for those who count on a weekly AJT as part of their Shabbat traditions. Words cannot express how deeply we appreciate your loyalty over the last 94 years that the AJT has been a part of Jewish Atlanta. We ask that you give this new production plan a chance in this rapidly changing industry as we look forward to our 100th anniversary.
Thank you for your continued community partnership.

Michael A. Morris

Owner & Publisher

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