Texting Contest Engages Jewish Teens

Texting Contest Engages Jewish Teens

Jtext capitalizes on the overwhelming preoccupation of Jewish teens with technology, getting them competing and learning through texting.

With teens spending a large portion of their days on their smartphones, a new Jewish trivia game that engages them via cell phone is gaining traction in North Fulton and East Cobb counties.

Launched by the North Fulton chapter of Cteen, the Chabad teen outreach arm, Jtext is a pilot Jewish trivia game with gift card awards for teens that text the correct answer to trivia questions they receive on their phones. Every Monday and Thursday at 7 p.m. a Jewish trivia question is texted out. The 18th person to respond with the correct answer wins an Amazon gift card.

“Teens can now put the time on their phones to good use by learning important Jewish facts with Jtext,” said Evan Pollack, who has been playing Jtext for the last year. “Jtext is a fun way to test your general knowledge of Judaism,” added Pnina Sasson, a Pope High School student in Marietta.

Along with the question, the text includes four multiple-choice answers. Once they submit an answer, the students immediately receive a response telling them if they are correct or not. The questions range from a wide spectrum of Jewish trivia such as “Which country had the earliest settlement of Jews?” “Who were the first set of twins in the Torah?” and “Which location celebrates the longest Shabbat?”

Steve Kramer, a Johns Creek resident who is a supporter of the pilot program, said, “It is gratifying to me so see my daughter excitedly engage in Jtext.”

Jtexter Hunter Siegel, an Alpharetta student at The Weber School, said, “Jtext is a great way to make some Amazon cash while learning about Judaism. For me, personally, it has become one of my ‘Jewish moments’ of the week.”

Bella Spector of Johns Creek High School agrees, adding, “Jtext is a fun way to learn about Judaism and the Torah while competing with your friends!” Bella and Hunter are among more than 150 teens that have actively played Jtext during its pilot year.

“Jtext is a simple, yet innovative game, which is rich with content, engagement, value and Jewish thought. It’s a real win-win,” says Rabbi Gedalya Hertz, youth director at Chabad of North Fulton. “We were trying to find a way to engage the widest spectrum of Jewish teenagers, especially during the coronavirus lockdown, and that is exactly what Jtext is all about,” he said. “Through Jtext we get to have a weekly check in and contact with our teens.”

Jtext is open to all Jewish teens. To sign up, text “JtextCobb/NF” to 678-263-2232. For more information and for sponsorship opportunities, email Rabbihertz@chabadnf.org.

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