The Fire and Impulsivity of Tammuz
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The Fire and Impulsivity of Tammuz

Fiery heat, flared tempers and uncontrolled, impulsive actions influence this month.

Terry Segal

Dr. Terry Segal is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine. She is the author of "The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You.”

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz began Wednesday, June 13. There are no holidays to celebrate this month and the fast on the 17th of Tammuz begins the three weeks of mourning.

If the 17th day falls on Shabbat, as it does this year, the fast is postponed until Sunday. During this time, no weddings take place and new clothing isn’t worn. There’s no shaving or haircuts, playing musical instruments or listening to music.

No celebratory firsts occur that would call for the recitation of the Shehecheyanu. The three-week period of mourning ends on the 9th of Av.

During Tammuz, the focus of study is on the past historical events in Jerusalem, surrounding the destruction of the first and second temples that took place during this period. There was not only a physical displacement of our people, but also a spiritual one.

It was a time of worshipping the golden calf and uncontrolled anger, during which Moses smashed the tablets. We must mindfully guard our safety and well-being to ward against current times mirroring the past.

Fiery heat, flared tempers and uncontrolled, impulsive actions influence this month.

Astrologically, this new moon is in Gemini, the sign of the twins. Astrologers link this related suffering twin energy to the two unrelated suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Each of them was a popular iconic creator who put a new spin on products that had already been devised. Kate Spade designed the perfect, sleek, fashionable handbag. Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, author and television host, pushed the envelope on his life’s experience and invited us in to witness it.

Spade, 55, was found dead in her New York home, from an apparent suicide. Bourdain, 61, was found dead in a hotel room in France, also from having taken his own life.

Gemini rules children, so we can also expect to hear stories about children and families. There’s the ongoing immigration issue, as well as the human trafficking sting that recently took place in our own backyard in metro Atlanta. In it, 165 children were rescued.

This new moon is in the 8th house which governs death and transformation. The death doesn’t have to be a literal one, as in the case of Spade or Bourdain. It can refer to being complete with an energy and moving on from it. It can signal the end of a relationship that is no longer fulfilling, whether romantic or work-related, the completion of a project, the opportunity to change residences, or any reconfiguration or realignment.

Our ancestors paid much more attention to astrology than most people do today. They dealt with the same planetary configurations as we do now, however, they utilized them to direct their path.

For us, we can learn from the past and use it as a guide to charting our present and future. For example, when we find ourselves in a Gemini new moon, certain issues will be present each year. Tammuz will always be a fiery month with hot temperatures and tempers burning out of control.

Depending upon the positioning of the other planets, we will have additional challenges in which the degree of difficulty may get ramped up.

This month, because of the position of Venus, emotional reactions to changes regarding love, money and what we view as having value, will run high.

It’s a time to be aware of how words, especially, can hurt or heal.

We need to rein in our impulsivity as well.

It’s the over-the-top emotional reaction that led to Moses’ breaking of the tablets that can lead despondent people into irrevocable actions such as suicide or homicide.

Meditation Focus: Manipulate your breath, in and out of your body, to gain mastery over it. Then imagine exhaling a steady stream of breath as if to extinguish a birthday candle. Quell the fires that feel unbalanced within you. After, consider those you know, especially children and family who might be hurting or behaving impulsively, and take steps to help them. Remember to use healing words and reach out for help from others if needed.

The National Suicide Hotline number is: 1-800-273-8255

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