Jewish Atlanta Favorites 2017: Musician or Band
Jewish ATL Favorites 2017

Jewish Atlanta Favorites 2017: Musician or Band

Joe Alterman is the 2017 Jewish Atlanta Favorite Musician.

“My sincere thanks to the Atlanta Jewish Times for nominating me for Jewish Atlanta’s favorite musician of 2017. While it is, of course, a thrill to win, just being nominated — listed alongside the other wonderful performers also nominated this year — is not only touching, but validating, too,” said the jazz pianist, who has moved back to his native Atlanta after living in New York.

“It’s important to keep in mind that, as artists and performers, we aren’t the music; we are simply the vessels that bring the music to life. If we didn’t use our gift, the music would ‘get out’ through someone else. So, while I am personally grateful and thankful for this award, this award serves as a wonderful reminder that it isn’t about me — it’s about the music.”

Joe Alterman

“The Atlanta Jewish Times has been extremely supportive of my work over the years, and I’d like to thank them for that, in addition to this year’s award.”

Runner-up: Sammy Rosenbaum
Click on the categories below for the full list of 2017 winners. (See our 2016 winners here).

Media Personality Elected Official
Musician or Band Bagel
Day School Mascot Non-Jewish Private School
Public High School Jewish Festival
University Kosher Restaurant
Jewish-Owned Nonkosher Restaurant Chef
Kosher Caterer Kosher Grocery Shopping
Sweet Treats Coffee Shop
Sports Team Regional Affiliate of National Nonprofit
Innovative Nonprofit Sleepaway Camp
Local Nonprofit History Museum
Cultural Institution Simcha Venue
Neighborhood 2016 Best of Jewish ATL
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