Where the Candidates Stand and Who Supports Them
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Where the Candidates Stand and Who Supports Them

Betsy and Steve Kramer, a retired couple living in Fulton County, explain why they feel Brian Kemp is the best candidate.

Betsy and Steve Kramer
Betsy and Steve Kramer

We decided, as Georgia Jewish citizens, to look at some top issues and see where the candidates stand.

Brian Kemp identifies as a free-market conservative. He’s received 95 percent of his campaign funding from Georgia residents, 75 percent from small donors. Stacey Abrams is a self-avowed Socialist (speaking at a Democratic Socialists of America event) and received 45 percent from outside Georgia – under 25 percent from small donors – with Californians and New Yorkers like labor unions, the Soros family and MoveOn.org being her largest contributors. We have to ask to whom the candidates are beholden and what they truly believe. Georgia residents or power brokers from liberal states? Free market or socialism? We all prosper better under the free market than under socialism.

In furtherance of Kemp’s free market views, he wants to remove harmful regulations. This is parallel to what’s happening in the federal system, where the reduction of regulations almost single-handedly has caused massive growth in jobs, the economy and the stock market. While we’ve seen a corresponding jump in Georgia’s economy, the further reduction of state regulations should accelerate the Georgia economy, which lifts all boats. Kemp wants to cap state expenses, which the federal government should copy. Conversely, Abrams proposes a litany of costly initiatives without a means of funding. Many of them would force new state regulations and taxes and reverse the very robust economy that we see now.

An issue important to Jews is a religious freedom law, copying – not expanding – the federal one. We have had such problems with local governments, so this is not an esoteric issue with us. Kemp is for a limited law, while Abrams is solidly against it.

Lastly, Kemp wants to strengthen the relationship with Israel with a trade mission next year and is against BDS. Abrams campaigned with BDS supporter Linda Sarsour.

Betsy and Steve Kramer are a retired couple living in Fulton County.

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